Energy Alignment Session (Remote)

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This is for a Remote (Distance) Energy Alignment session with Chrizza.

Through meditation, Chrizza will connect to your energy body and by focusing on certain points in the body and chakra system and with the use of various visualization, breath work and energy healing techniques, this will assist to balance your energy field.

In addition, Chrizza will tune in to specific parts of your body and see if there are any energies/emotions that can be released in those areas such as pain, anger, fear, confusion, insecurity, sadness and so on.

In essence, this will help bring your energetic body back to balance, center and alignment. It can feel as if your energy points (chakras, meridians) are being "put back home." In doing so, you're in a space of centeredness, awareness, clarity and empowerment. In that space, you're able to make decisions easily and with clarity and you're more aware of what is truly resonating and in alignment with your being. 

For some, it may help alleviate physical symptoms like pain, headache, heart palpitations. For some, it may help them feel more relaxed, aligned and even energized. It's hard to put energy into a box and each of us are all different too so each experiences may be unique to yours.

Since this is done remotely, it will not interfere with any of your regular schedule and activities and do not require your active participation in which there is a set appointment to be made.  The session will be done within 1 week of purchasing and Chrizza will email you information regarding the session and any energetics she found during the alignment session.

Chrizza will need this information from you:

  1. First name 
  2. Email Address (if different from the order placed)
  3. Photo (to help connect with the energy better) - please email to
  4. Intentions for the session



Even if Energy Balancing sessions can help shift and release stagnant energies, please don't use this as a replacement for medical assistance if required/needed. 


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Upon purchasing and after 24 hours, refunds are not available.