Phase C: Let's Dive Even Deeper!

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This is for those who have already done Phase A & B and want to delve even deeper into their own healing process using their Soul Signature. This is also advisable if you are an Energy Healer or have learned other Energy Healing modalities and want to be able to offer more techniques in the session.

Phase C: Let's Dive Even Deeper:

In this phase, you will learn additional meditation and visualization techniques for self-healing that can be designed for a full healing and meditation session. As you're able to apply this to yourself, these techniques can also be applied to others and even blend it into other energy healing modalities that you may have already learned. Additionally, you will also learn how to apply your Soul Signature and other breathing techniques in your environment to bring balance and healing in the space.


    ***Note: Please, give around 60-90 minutes of your time for each of the phase as most of the steps are done through meditation and breathing techniques, the length may vary from person to person and from each steps.

    This is done through a phone, skype or in person.