Phase A: What is my Soul Signature?

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By discovering and connecting to your Soul Signature, you will have a clearer alignment and inner knowing of who you are. It will even answer questions you have about the past and guide you in the present

I will ask certain questions about your life and experiences. These questions usually calls for only one word answers or Yes/NoThrough those questions, we'll be able to discover your Soul Signature.

Phase A: What is my Soul Signature?

  1. Finding out and Connecting to your Soul Signature
  2. Getting clear of what your Soul Signature really means to you.
  3. Clearing up any inner conflicts relating to your Soul Signature.

***Note: Please, give around 60-90 minutes of your time for each of the phase as most of the steps are done through meditation and breathing techniques, the length may vary from person to person and from each steps.

This is done through a phone, skype or in person.