Discover Your Soul Signature: Remembering & Re-Alignment

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By discovering and connecting to your Soul Signature, you will have a clearer alignment and inner knowing of who you are. It will even answer questions you have about the past and guide you in the present.

This is a multi-layered session in which you are finding out your Soul Signature and going through a specific breathing process and techniques that will integrate the re-alignment and embodying process within you and your body. 

You will also learn breathing techniques that can be applied for self-care and decision making.


This is a multi-layered session that is broken up into Two 45-90 min sessions. These sessions will be scheduled once a week to allow for integration and for you to apply what you learned in your daily life. Yes, that means you'll be receiving homework after each sessions ;)

Session 1: Finding out Your Soul Signature (60-90 Minutes)
The process will start with a question and answer portion about your life and experiences. These questions usually calls for only one word answers or Yes/NoThrough those questions, we'll be able to discover your Soul Signature.

Then, we'll proceed to a few prompts for you to breath through to remember that clarity of your soul signature in your body.

Session 2: Applying Your Soul Signature for Self-Healing & Techniques (45-75 Minutes)
You will learn specific breathing processes on applying your Soul Signature to yourself and environment to integrate further solidity and stability within. You will also learn certain techniques on how to use your Soul Signature as a guidance tool when making decisions and navigating through life. 


Recapping: What will you get out of this session?

  1. Finding out and Connecting to your Soul Signature.
  2. Getting clear of what your Soul Signature really means to you.
  3. Short visualization and breathing techniques on how to use your Soul Signature for self-healing that can be used in daily life.
  4. Applying your Soul Signature as a guidance tool in making decisions


This session can be done through video skype/zoom.

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