Gift of Support - Handcrafted Crystal Necklace

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This is for the Essential workers and/or for those who have lost a loved one. If you are overwhelmed with work and/or emotions and would want to wear and work with crystals during this time to provide support, balance and stabilization, here is my gift for you ^_^ Please click, For Essential Worker/Lost a Loved One - Thank You! $0 and then pick your crystal.

If you know anyone referred above, feel free to send them the link or place a request for them.

For non-essential workers/you want to purchase this for yourself/you've been affected by the economy, monetary exchange are welcome and please click the amount that you're able to offer with ease and joy ^_^

As crystals have provided support and hope for me during challenging and difficult times, I want to share that to others. As creating has a special place in my heart, may that reach to you also. May these crystals and creation provide support, hope and inspiration throughout this time.

What am I gifting?
Your choice of Crystal below & Handcrafted Macrame Necklace. Included will be a short description of the stone and how to connect to the stone. Please pick the crystal and nylon cord color.
(Photos of crystals are to assist you on knowing what they will look like but stock is not the exact stone on the photo)

How to choose a crystal?
You can let your intuition guide you by taking a few deep breaths to center yourself, say out loud, "Which crystal would be of the most benefit for me at this time?" Browse through the photo and observe which stone you keep looking at and feel a magnetic guidance towards. You can also refer to the list below for a general description of the properties of the stone.
Why a necklace?
If you're working, busy and overloaded with tasks, wearing them as necklace provides an efficient and easy way to carry and have the stones on your body. The size of the stone are around 0.75 to 1 inch, they are tumbled so it's smooth and around and will be comfortable to wear.
Who's eligible?
-Essential Workers.
-Those who have lost a loved one.
What's the exchange?
Around $3.50+ to cover postage, this will be calculated upon checkout and depending on location and shipping option. (Since the "quarantine"/lockdown has affected my business, I don't really have the funds to cover shipment. Thank you!)
If you do want to gift this to someone who is an essential worker or have lost a loved one and are still able and want to offer monetary exchange, that is welcome and appreciated! Thank you! Please click the amount of exchange that you're able to offer ^_^
How long will it take?
Depending on the amount I receive, please give up to a week for me to create them from the time of request and to ship them out. Once, it's shipped out, delivery may take 3-7 business days.

Crystal Choice:
Apache Tears: grounding, energy protection, supports with grief, loss and shock. If you bring this black stone up against the light, you can see that it's actually translucent, with that in mind, it assists on processing emotions and energy and that brings a stabilization and clearing effect in the body.

Lepidolite: soothing, relaxing, calms the mind, eases stress, worry, fear and anxiety, lifts the heart and offers serenity. 

Ocean Jasper: promotes joy, optimism, calming, balancing, relaxing. Provides moments of relief, restoration and calm just like how ocean waves can be soothing and a breath of fresh air. Supports the adrenal and nervous system. 

Red Jasper:  It replenishes energy by providing a constant, slow but steady grounding, support and stabilizing energy. It supports emotional strength, stamina and courage. 

Smoky Quartz: grounding, energy protection, eases and dissolves stress and dense low energies. Provides a purifying and clearing energy.

Hematite: very grounding and anchoring and brings you back in your body. Through it's grounding effect, it supports with focus and eases mental confusion and fogginess. It provides emotional stability, strength, endurance and an "I can do this" vibe. 

Rose Quartz: gentle, soothing, relaxing, nurturing and heart healing. Supports the processing of emotional wounds, loss and trauma. Nurtures self-love and a heart-centered energy.

More information on crystals:
Healing Crystals and Stones emits a specific type of frequency/vibration/energy that are able to support and stabilize our energy and system.
When you are in a close proximity with a crystal, such as when you're wearing them as jewelry, holding them with your hands or in your pockets, the crystal/stone and your body will start interacting with each other. Through this interaction, your body will respond and adjust to the vibration of the crystal. And, how your body responds to that is how we describe what the stone is supporting you with.
Personal Info/Experience: 
Personally, crystals have supported me throughout different times, experiences and moments in life. My interest with crystals, started out in 2013 when I wore a rose quartz bracelet and I was able to feel a slight upliftment and lightness when I was wearing the bracelet as opposed to the days before I wasn't. This experience sparked my interest and passion into learning more about crystals and making jewelry with them. As such, crystals have been a daily part of tools that creates support in my life.
Depending on how I'm feeling, I would wear, hold or place those crystals in my pocket to support me throughout my day. If I'm feeling sad, I would grab a stone that assists in promoting joy, optimism and/or one that has a soft, gentle, nurturing energy. If I'm feeling angry, I would wear stones that dissolves that specific type of dense energy, supporting relief, release and processing of emotions. If I'm working on a creative project, I would work with crystals that provide passion, focus, determination and insight and so on...

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