2020 Monthly Crystal Medicine Integration Package

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Monthly One-on-One Crystal Medicine Integration (60 Minute Session)
Since this is a monthly offering starting in January, this is available to be purchased until 01/20/2020.

Receive a Crystal Medicine Integration Session once for each month of 2020. Bonus! You will also receive an Empty Macrame Necklace so you can wear your crystals with you and your very own personal coupon code of 20% off any sessions/items purchased throughout 2020.

More information:
Do you want to start working with crystals?
Do you want to know how that crystal will support you?
Do you want to dive deep into the message the crystal has for you?
Do you want to dive even deeper and integrate that specific energy in your body?

In this session, we are diving deep in the exploration, communication and integration of the energy the crystal will be supporting you with. 

We will focus on 1 crystal of your choice for each session that will show and communicate with you the medicine you will be integrating. (You get to keep the crystal too!) Since this is a Monthly Package, by the end of the year, you will have 12 stones, journeying and integration for each crystals.
This session is part meditative/journeying and receiving breathwork (energy healing) to further support you on integrating the medicine of the crystal.
In the meditative/journeying portion, you will:
-through visualization, tune in to the medicine the crystal is supporting you with
-through further visualization and breathwork, integrate the medicine they are communicating with you.
In the receiving breathwork (energy healing), you will:
-lie down on the massage table with the same crystal
-through breathwork, Chrizza will assist your energetic body on further integrating the medicine and releasing any resistance/blockages that is in opposition.

The sessions will be at 2055 Albany Post Road, Croton-on-Hudson, NY. 
Feel free to call or email Chrizza at info@chrizzastones.com or at (914) 659 8369.

Chrizza will be reaching out to you to schedule your first appointment upon purchase, please include your contact information or check your email used to purchase the package!