Massage & Energy Healing Modalities

Chrizza Venturina is a Certified Crystal Healer since 2013 and a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2015. She specializes in deep tissue work and tends to have a firmer pressure even in swedish/relaxation modalities. Energy/crystal healing offerings can be combined with a massage session too. Chrizza started off with Crystal Reiki earlier in her practice and has since learned various techniques with Breathwork which is what she now offers since it feels more natural and intuitive. She is currently an independent contractor at Bové Spa in Somers, New York, where the private sessions will take place.

Massage Modalities

You can request an appointment through here

Swedish Massage - A basic massage utilizing long sweeping, gliding motions of light to medium pressure promoting general well-being, stress relief and circulation.
60 min: $130
90 min: $160

Deep Tissue Massage - Featuring Chrizza's natural style of deeper work that is both relaxing and intense to assist on softening adhesions and tight muscles. Numerous techniques are utilized such as friction, trigger point, forearms and knuckles addressing the deeper layers of the fascia, muscles and connective tissue. Pressure is applied according to the individual's muscle tone.
60 min: $150
90 min: $180

Manual Lympathic Drainage - A different form of massage that promotes circulation of the lymphatic system (doesn't target muscles at all). It is light small circular, rhythmic/pumping motions along the lymphatic vessel which improves the flow of lymph in the body. It can assist those with allergies, sinus congestion, swelling (sometimes those that had surgery), improving immune system and scar tissue.
(Please note: this is contraindicated for those with acute inflammation/infection, malignant tumors, thrombosis, phlebitis and heart conditions. Please get doctor's clearance when experiencing major health issues.)
60 min: $130

Add-on to 60 or 90 minute massage:

Energy Healing
This is an additional 20 minutes to the massage session. During the massage portion, Chrizza will tune in to the muscles being massaged and intuit which energies/emotions are stored there. Massage techniques assists on softening the muscles to promote movement of the energies so they can be released. At the end, there will be hands-on healing session similar to Reiki in which breath-work and visualizations are utilized to promote energy balancing and healing.
$30 add-on

Crystal Healing

Massage & Crystal Healing
This consists of a 30 minute back massage with the intention of tuning in to the energies present and softening the muscles to release them. Afterwards, crystals will be placed on chakra points and certain parts of the body to promote healing, balancing and relaxation.
90 min: $180

Crystal Breathwork Healing
Crystal Healing is a non-invasive energy healing session that utilizes both the supportive properties of crystals and breathwork techniques. The crystal layout is tailored uniquely to the client and addresses specific issues/aspects (physically, emotionally, mentally and or/spiritually). Crystals will be placed along the chakra points, hands, feet and around the body.
Throughout the session, energy healing is administered through still-holds along the body (i.e., placing her hands on the head, shoulders, knees, feet and over chakra points.) Breathwork is applied by tuning in/listening to parts of the body and breathing through specific words, colors or visualization, in order to assist the body to process stagnant energies and/or stuck emotions. It is an overall relaxing and balancing session.
60 min: $120

Chrizza Venturina's Background

2021: Manual Lymphatic Drainage Certification - Online (New York)
2017-2018: Breathwork & Meditation - Sedona, AZ
2015: Licensed Massage Therapist - Finger Lake School of Massage
2014: Certified Crystal Reiki Master Teacher -  Krista Mitchell 
2013: Certified Crystal Healer - Krista Mitchell
2013: Bachelors of Art in Psychology - University at Buffalo

Scheduling an Appointment

You can request for an appointment through here. There will be an intake form to fill out upon requesting. I will confirm the appointment shortly once the schedule is clear.

Appointments are available from Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 6pm.
Located at the Barn at Bové Spa in Somers, New York:
366 U.S. 202,
Somers, NY 10589

Servicing Northern Westchester County: Katonah, Mount Kisco, Chappaqua, Mahopac, Yorktown Heights, Armonk, Pound Ridge, North Salem, NY. Book a Therapeutic Massage or Energy Healing through Vagaro.

Appointment Policies & Procedures

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the session. 

Rescheduling & Cancelations:
Rescheduling and cancelations must be made 24 hours prior to the appointment. Failing to contact Chrizza or not showing up for the appointment will result in the full price of the session to be charged.

Late Arrivals:
Late arrivals will be seen for only the remaining time left from the appointment.

Professional Conduct:
All sessions are done in a professional and legal conduct that ensures safe space for both the client and Chrizza. Any inappropriate, sexual conduct, behavior, comments, actions that does not comply to a professional boundary will result to the session being terminated immediately and the client will still be charged for the full payment of the session.