Crystal Reading for Jan

3 Stones: Apache Tear, Angelite & Aragonite Star Cluster


Apache Tear

I saw the image of you going inside the Apache Tear stone and it looks like a room. The walls around you has that same transparent dark color when you look through the stone in the light and a combination of how a room looks like in a black light and a purple hue. This room and the energy of the walls of the Apache Tear stone feels like it's clearing your body. The setting feels out of this world and kind of ET like. In this space you are resting and clearing your body. Afterwards, you feel recharged coming out.



The image showed of you having your hand on each side of the Angelite and the stone crumbling down. There might be some instance where you want to place control on things. It might be out of fear or to get things straighten up. This energy is showing up as you having your hands clenched on the stone and it crumbling from too much pressure and force. Even though, it may feel relieving to have this "control" or idea of how things should be or to have that tendency of having a piece of mind that if it goes the way you want it to be then you know how things would be so in essence, there will be no surprises. It might feel good but it's like a disguise and underneath it, it's actually not serving you and everyone else. 

When you catch yourself having this tendency, take a moment to breath. Choose to loosen your grasp when you see your hands tightening or any other part of your body. Breath through it and let it flow out of you....

Continuing on to a visualization:

Take a few deep breaths to loosen your body. Each breath out, letting go of any tensions. When you've achieved this space where you feel loose throughout your body, in your next breath in, see and feel a blue light from up above your head go down towards your head and towards your heart chakra.

In your next breath out, let this blue light expand throughout your heart and chest. Keep breathing this process until you feel a very vast space in your heart and feeling more relaxed. In this space, you feel at peace.

Then, tune in to this space in your heart and listen to the whisper or nudge that will be the path of least resistance and that will bring a more fruitful/harmonious outcome for you and everyone else involved. 


Aragonite Star Cluster

The image I got is you going inside the Aragonite stone from the bigger side (left) and going inside it like a tunnel in a cave. This setting reminds me of Native American traveling from one space to another. Though, you are by yourself. It has that same vibe but the message doesn't straightly relate to a Native American life or event. But anyways, you continued on this tunnel and then there was a little natural hot spring inside. You went into the water and you just kicked it back and relaxed. Being submerged in this water feels very cleansing. I can actually feel the water around my shoulders when I connected to this. Again, this feels very relaxing and also has that luxurious vibe. In this space, you weren't worrying about anything and very much enjoying your time alone. It seems like walking through the tunnel part may represent that this is a choice.  You can choose to have time for yourself or you can choose not to. Though, choosing that time for yourself is actually beneficial because afterwards, you came out of this tunnel/cave with your aura stronger and brighter. 


***I do want to point out that both the Apache Tear and Aragonite has that clearing/cleansing message. Though, afterwards with the Apache Tear stone you came out feeling recharged but in a very relaxed and calm way, it's toned down but still strong. For the Aragonite, you came out shining really bright similar to a star and having some sides more protruding out like how the stone looks like too.




Disclaimer: I am in no way making predictions in your life or telling you what you should do. I simply listen to the stones and your energy and observe what they have to say with each other. Each one of us has free will and it is up to you to take responsibility and act upon from the information you received above.