How can Massage & Energy Healing help?

As everything in life is interconnected, so is our body, mind and spirit. When we are experiencing physical ailments it is often connected to an imbalance emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually. Most often than not, muscle tensions and adhesions are caused by emotions that we weren't able to process consciously causing these emotions to stay stagnant and stuck in our bodies. Examples of these emotions are anger, hurt, disappointment, frustrations and others that causes stress and tightening of our body.

Emotions in its natural state are meant to always be moving and to pass through our body naturally. But, sometimes when we experience certain emotions that causes us pain and difficulty, we tend to ignore it and push it even deeper inside us which impedes the natural movement of those emotions. At times, we're too busy in our life to even pay attention to the emotions we feel daily. Over time, this causes certain imbalances that will manifest through physical pain and tension, etc. That is why they are called "Emotions" because they are Energy in Motion (E-motions) ;)

Massage can assist on softening and loosening up the tightness in our body. It also improves blood flow and circulation. Through the physical relaxation, the energies and emotions stagnated in those body parts have an easier chance to move and be released. Some can even treat a massage session as meditation and observe the emotions or thoughts rising up in their awareness during the session. Through the awareness and applying intention to release those energies coupled with the physical manipulation of the tissues, it becomes even more effective.

When you book an a Massage with Energy Healing, Chrizza will tune in to the energies/emotions present during the massage portion and apply breathwork to assist on releasing the energies. This intuitive listening brings a direction and intention to the energy healing portion at the end of the massage.

Even if you book a stand-alone massage or with energy healing combo, they can still assist your body, mind and spirit in experiencing relaxation, de-stressing, relief from aches and pain, balancing and improving over wellness and state of mind.

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