Custom and Personalized Orders

If you are looking for items not listed on the shop, feel free to contact me. I would gladly try to accommodate your request.

Care Instructions

As a Crystal Reiki Practitioner, I highly recommend to cleanse each crystal before working with them. This ensures that their energy is clean. That being said, I always cleanse each item with Palo Santo Smudge, Sound and Reiki before packaging. 

Once you receive them at home, you can cleanse your crystals by yourself by leaving them under the sun and moonlight (though some can fade under the sun). Washing them with water (though some can dissolve with water) and/or imagining that they are surrounded by white purifying light. If you have tingsha, tuning fork or singing bowls at home, you can also use that as a sound method to cleanse them.


I do not include invoice slips in the packaging as I am trying to save paper and most get thrown out in the garbage afterwards. Please save the email confirmation when ordering so you can confirm the items when you receive the package. You can also contact me for any questions.

I do include short info cards for the stones in the packaging (unless I run out of card-stock when packaging your order and it would take forever to order - which rarely happens). 


Please contact me at info@chrizzastones.com with your inquiry and sales tax ID. I will then send a price listing. There is a $200 minimum requirement for first-time orders and each subsequent orders will be at least $100.

What if the necklace breaks?

It is very rare for it to break but, if it does break, please contact me with photos. I will gladly fix or create a new necklace free of charge.

Every necklace is eligible to be fixed once per item and there is no time limit. Please keep in mind that if it may seem that the necklace was intentionally tampered with then the offer does not stand.

The buyer will be responsible to ship it back to me and to pay for shipping it back to them. 

Can I get a refund instead?
I will gladly offer a refund if it was within 3 months of purchasing. There will be no refunds if it was more than 3 months but you are able to take up on my offer to fix it free of charge.

How do you know which crystals are best for certain healing aspects?

I started learning about crystals when I took Crystal Reiki training (Level 1 - Master-Teacher) from Krista MitchellSometimes, you'll see exact crystal sets inspired by Krista Mitchell's book "Change Your Energy: Healing Crystals for Health, Wealth, Love & Luck" (that book is truly a gem). Overall, my knowledge about crystals are a combination from my training, working with crystals daily and experiences in healing sessions with clients.