Etsy Shop - ChrizzaStones

Hi there! I do have an Etsy shop: featuring crystals, macrame net necklaces and mala jewelry

I started my shop on etsy back in 2013 and up to this moment, it has remained active. Feel free to browse the reviews and some photos that few customers have posted. My goal is to have all listings available in both platform, here on my main website and also on etsy. If you find an item on Etsy that is not available here, feel free to contact me and I can readily create a listing or a custom listing for you.

If you ask me, which website would I prefer you to shop from? 
The ultimate decision is still up to you.
For transparency purposes, I do prefer it when people shop here on my main website at as there is less "middle man" in the structures of hosting my shop here.

With Etsy, I have no control over the changes they implement and at times, there is no choice whether I agree or not. At the same time, over the years, Etsy has raised their fees. One of the aspects that shop owners don't have a choice over at Etsy is marketing with Google. Some shop cannot opt out of that. If you see google ads on your search linking to an Etsy shop and if you click that then, if you decide to purchase from that shop within 30 days, Etsy/Google will take 15% off the total purchase from the seller, in addition to the usual etsy fees. If totaling all fees, that can reach to 25% off from the total price that is paid. In my opinion that is a hefty amount specially for a very small business.

The only reason I continue to be active on Etsy is because it still reaches people within the site that my main website hasn't been able to do. I'm not much a fan of ads as that starts getting into the marketing industry that I'm not energetically aligned with.

Thank you for reading and understanding! Those are the reasons why I prefer my own website over etsy.

At the end of the day, you can choose which platform you want to shop from.