Energy Crystal Reading for Rose

Hey Rose! I went ahead and taken this opportunity to do a reading with your Choker Necklace. I hope that this helps you on your journey.


Choker Necklace featuring Selenite Stone with Morganite, Rainbow Moonstone, Prehnite & Pyrite Beads

When wearing the necklace, it gives off a light and serene feeling and an airy and watery energy. This energy starts off in your chest/heart chakra and it gives off the energy of openness. Then, it travels through your throat, third eye and to your crown chakra. It seems like this necklace will align you to uplift your spirit and in a very soothing way.

Closer look of the Selenite Stone
I also, tuned in closer to the selenite stone and your energy. I saw the image of you swallowing the selenite stone and it seems like the energy is going down from your throat to your root chakra. This energy is helping with clearing and cleansing too. The visual image I saw is similar to when you drink a hot tea/coffee and you feel that warm sensation from your throat down to your stomach. But in this case, it's not warm but the energy itself. From that image, I got the connection of your initial intention of being able to speak your truth calmly and honestly. From the image I saw, it seems like being grounded and aware of what you are feeling and going on with your body in all levels will help you achieve that.

Step 1: With each breath in, feel the energy from the selenite stone or you can visualize this as white energy travel down starting from your throat to your chest, stomach, your root chakra and even further down to the ground. 

Step 2: With each breath out, harness that energy from the ground back to your root chakra, stomach, chest and to your throat. Feel this energy, opening and expanding your throat chakra. And, also being aware that this energy is grounded in your heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakra.

With each breath, feel this connection getting stronger. Continue until it feels complete.



Disclaimer: I am in no way making predictions in your life or telling you what you should do. I simply listen to the necklace, combination of the stones/beads and your energy and observe what they have to say with each other. Each one of us has free will and it is up to you to take responsibility and act upon from the information you received above.