Crystal Reading for Emma

3 Stones: Brecciated Red Jasper, Petrified Wood & Amazonite


Brecciated Red Jasper
I saw the image of Emma going on top of the Red Jasper and sitting on it. This gives off the feeling of strength, grounding and stability. She feels very happy and light on here. Whenever she needs those qualities, she can try imagining that she's on top of a Red Jasper. Also, you know how people recommend to walk barefoot on the ground to connect more to Earth? Let's say, she's walking, she can imagine that the ground she's walking on is red jasper. She can also do this when she's in a room sitting down and so on.

It's interesting because this popped in to my mind when I saw this imagery. You know how we come from different places before we incarnate here on Earth? like different star system and such? I'm wondering if Emma came from a place similar to Red Jasper and this imagery and her visualizing she's on top of a red jasper in her everyday life will help her because it's like a support system that feels like home. Another imagery I saw is the Red Jasper becoming an armor around her which comes off as strength and protection. 


Petrified Wood
The image of Petrified Wood showed up as a wall of swirls of paint and Emma is pointing at it and poking it. It gives off the feeling of play, wonder and joy. It seems like it's important for her to be able to cultivate this in her life. To have a safe place and time for her to freely be her own authentic self and to play, wonder and have fun. Its interesting this popped up even though I did focus on protection while picking the stones. I'm wondering by her being able to cultivate this, in a way that's protecting her? Since in this space, she can truly just be her own self. I'm sure this would come easy for her at home so I'm wondering if it also applies outside of home? (Not sure if she goes to school and such)


I saw the image of Emma embracing the Amazonite stone wholeheartedly. She has such a warm and accepting heart! Then, I also saw the image of the Amazonite being a room (gives off the feeling of a cave room) and Emma was lying down sideways, very comfortably like she's sleeping. In this space, she feels safe; comfort and rest comes very easily. It also gives off the similar feeling when you're a baby being nurtured and comforted when going to sleep. As Emma can be very welcoming and accepting of others, it's also important that this is also reciprocated back to her. This Amazonite stone will help by aligning her to feelings of nurturing, openness and comfort. 




Disclaimer: I am in no way making predictions in your life or telling you what you should do. I simply listen to the stones and your energy and observe what they have to say with each other. Each one of us has free will and it is up to you to take responsibility and act upon from the information you received above.