Donations/Energy Exchange/Free Content

Hi there! If the free content, messages and posts have been resonating, benefitting and supporting you and you would like to give back and in the honoring of energy exchange, here are how you can send donations.
As of March 17 and due to what is happening nationwide, I've opened up donation-based sessions. Here are the links where you're able to send donations and thank you for the honoring of energy exchange and for supporting a small businesss!
Thank you so much!
Through Paypal


Free Content Glossary:

March 27, 2020 - Recorded video from zoom of Sound Bathing & Remote Crystal Energy Balancing by Lauren & Chrizza
- tune in, relax and say YES to alignment

Youtube - find informational videos here, remote energy balancing
Instagram - find posts and IGTV containing gems, insights and wisdoms


More Information on Donation-Based Sessions:
This is the best time to finally take the time to connect within
To re-member and re-align to your divinity and truest self!
Throughout all times and whatever else happens,
the only constant thing you have is yourself!
Your Body.
Your Soul.
Your Heart.
Will you finally say YES to dive deep within?
Will you finally take care of your body, mind and spirit?
Will you finally pay attention to what your Soul and Heart has been whispering to you?
If that is a loud resounding YES that makes you want to jump up and take action, I am here to support you!
My Online offerings are available:
Reflections with Chrizza
Breathwork: Recoding Through the Passage of Time
Discover Your Soul Signature
If you are able to pay the full price and support a small business, I will be very grateful and appreciative!
If your monetary resources are limited, I am opening up Donation-based sessions!