Crystal Reading for Daphne

3 Stones: Quartz, Aquamarine & Fluorite

Quartz (not quite sure of its specific name of the type of quartz)
I saw the image of the quartz going inside your heart and your heart conforming to its shape. When this happened, there was a feeling of surprise or jolt of what just happened. This is actually helping to strengthen your heart, feeling more solid and strong. Then, the quartz went down through your spine and past your root chakra and all the way down towards your feet and to the ground. Then, the energetic aura of the quartz actually went up to surround and enveloped you. This energy has the same consistency of light energy. The light energy is dissolving lower vibrations and also activating parts of you. It seems like this process if bringing forth transformation in an energy/molecular form.

To strengthen this connection/process you can try this Visualization:

1. As you breath in, feel the quartz being one with your heart. With each breath in, feel this connection getting stronger and the energy in your heart expanding. As you breath out, feel/visualize the quartz traveling down your spine from your heart and all the way down past your root chakra and on the ground. With each breath out, feeling your connection to the ground getting firmer.

2. As you breath in, see the quartz on the ground gushing energy outside of it and up and surrounding your whole body. With each breath in, feel this light energy expanding in your body and dissolving anything that needs to be released. As you breath out, feel this energy going up above your head and towards the sky. 

*Continue the breathing and visualization until it feels complete. You can keep doing Step 1 first until it feels strong and do Step 2 when you are ready to move on. So they don't need to be done one after another. Unless, you feel called to do so.


The image I saw is the Aquamarine acting as a wall and it falling over you. You were pinned down and I saw your hand reaching out, trying to get out but "this wall" is very heavy on top of you. It has that feeling of restrained, panic and desperation of needing to get out. Of course, if this specific scenario is actually happening in the physical self, it's natural to experience those emotions. Though, the more you focus on those types of emotions, the more you are feeling it, which, may actually keep you trapped in that situation. 

Let's see this scenario in a different point of view and it's happening energetically. When you experience emotions of "restrained, panic and/or desperation of needing to get out," the key is to be aware that you are experiencing them and even better is when you can see this happening outside of you and as an "observer." So once, you're aware of those emotions, it stops you from being inside the loop of focusing on only those feelings. You can use your breath to let it flow through you which would result to those emotions not having a hold on you. Once you're able to let all those emotions flow through you, then imagine your body under the wall being energy only. And, using your breath again, see your energetic self pass through the wall and up above it. The key was once you're able to get outside the loop of those emotions, you can pass through them with no problem. 

Two things popped up in this imagery. One, is if it's an energetic block that is keeping you down and in that space, you can refer to the paragraph above for that processing. The second thing is, if it's a physical thing that is keeping you restrained. It might be feeling restrained in a specific place/situation like you have no choice but to be there. Or it can be with people too. See if there's a "physical" representation of this image and feeling. If there is, another image I saw is you taking off "a fabric that was over the aquamarine stone" so this is imagery is representing of you taking action. If there are times where you feel like you're stuck in a specific situation and you have no choice but to be in it, remember that you always do have a choice. It might be challenging and difficult but you can always take action to not be in it.


The image I saw is the fluorite being a mountain and you climbing and hiking this mountain starting on the side and going all the way up to the top. While you were climbing/hiking, you are very happy and very energetic and when you got to the top, it felt like "Victory!" with your two hands raised up. This fluorite stone is aligning you with that type of "Victory" vibration. When you are in this vibration, it's easier to do things and it's like you can do anything in this world! Energetically wise, by being in this high vibration, it's easier to magnetize and attract things into your being. 

To cultivate more of this vibration, you can do this visualization:
With each breath in, see yourself jumping happily up the mountain. With each breath out, see yourself on top of the mountain and letting out a big breath of relief and yes feeling. With each breath out, and you on top of the mountain, see this energy expanding and expanding to infinity. Continue until it feels complete.




Disclaimer: I am in no way making predictions in your life or telling you what you should do. I simply listen to the stones and your energy and observe what they have to say with each other. Each one of us has free will and it is up to you to take responsibility and act upon from the information you received above.