Crystal Reading for Donna & Chloe


Charoite, Fluorite & Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet
(with black cord)
This bracelet will align you with centeredness and awareness that will result in being solid within yourself. It is both awareness of the outside and also the inside. This inner awareness is like the image of having a miniature self and diving inside yourself, ready to see anything and to digest anything that needs to be digested. This will call you to process the energies running inside you and for a transformation to occur. This part of yourself that is looking within feels very solid, she believes and trust herself. She also has the energy of surrender and strength that no matter what she finds inside to be processed it will not make her feel bad or deterred or discouraged. It simply is a process that needs to be done so you're able to digest and release any energies that is no longer serving you.  As you go through this processing and inner transformation, this will bring you to have that solid, calm awareness of the outside energies and as you feel solid and centered within, you will be able to know what steps to take to process those energies. 

Golden Tiger Eye & Pink Zebra Jasper
(with dark brown cord)
This bracelet will align you with a strong and bright aura. It's like your aura is being pieced back together, making it whole, strengthening it and brightening it. It aligns you to radiance and joy and through cultivating that it will even brighten and fortify your aura even further. To the point that you are like a sun and external energies will not be able to stick to you or even go through your aura.


Ruby in Kyanite & Labradorite
(with black cord)
This bracelet will align Chloe with the energy of an electric airy field surrounding close to her body like a body suit that will make her feel a sense of relief and peace. Other images that popped up is her being surrounded similar to a bubble and her playing freely and peacefully. In this bubble, it's like outside energies are muffled. Additionally, another image that popped up is like this bubble also feels gooey like a gummy bear rubber band when an outside energy is coming through, Chloe simply shook her head no and that energy rebounded. All these images definitely ties to the energy of protection. Also, the image of Chloe shaking her head no is definitely interesting. I'm not quite sure if this is something intrinsic she will start doing or it is something you can advise her to do. 

Garnet & Prehnite
(with light beige cord)
This bracelet with align Chloe with the energy of glowing light. It's like this glowing light spread from the bracelet and throughout all her body making her glow, feel light and even as if she is light. A glowing light that is not contained by her body to the point that it's like air and light together that in a way makes her blend with the air particles like she's invincible. In a way, it's like there is no density for external energy to clutch on her. This process is also making her super aware in which will align her with understandings and knowings of how things are and through that learning process there will be "ah-ahs", wisdom and peace.



Disclaimer: I am in no way making predictions in your life or telling you what you should do. I simply listen to the stones and your energy and observe what they have to say with each other. Each one of us has free will and it is up to you to take responsibility and act upon from the information you received above.