Chrizza's Philosophy & Offerings

As everything in life is interconnected, so is our body, mind and spirit. When we are experiencing physical ailments it is often connected to an imbalance emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually. Most often than not, muscle tensions and adhesions are caused by emotions that we weren't able to process consciously causing these emotions to stay stagnant and stuck in our bodies.
Emotions in its natural state are meant to always be moving and to pass through our body naturally. But, sometimes when we experience certain emotions that causes us pain and difficulty, we tend to ignore it and push it even deeper inside us which impedes the natural movement of those emotions. Then, over time, this causes certain imbalances that will manifest through physical pain and tension, etc. That is why they are called "Emotions" because they are Energy in Motion (E-motions) ;)

Through this awareness, Chrizza listens to what your muscles, your physical body is holding. What they are trying to say and express. Through massage techniques, physical manipulation of the muscles and/or breathwork techniques during Integrated Massage Therapy sessions, Chrizza is assisting your body on processing these emotions so they can be released.
Then, if you feel called to, each Handcrafted Crystal Jewelry can further support you on integrating certain energies you want to align yourself with in your everyday life. So even, after the session, you are being supported.
Additionally, when you are ready to dive even deeper with energy, with what may seem normal in your everyday life, with what trips you up, frustrates you or complain about. When you are ready to see certain patterns on how these 'normal' things actually have a deeper connection to your subconscious and specific wounding. When you are ready to sit with these energies, emotions, breathe and be able to process them so that they can be released, Chrizza can assist you with Breathwork Guidance Sessions.
Also, if at times you catch yourself questioning about the bigger picture in life or at times, ever wonder what your purpose is. Then, Discovering Your Soul Signature may interest you. Your Soul Signature is your true essence, the quality of your Being and who you truly are as a vibration, as energy. Through finding out your Soul Signature, it brings a deeper awareness and understanding of yourself and most often will connect different areas of your life and bring light to them.



ANNOUNCEMENT! (June 25, 2020)

Due to the closing of the establishment where I was renting at Croton-on-Hudson, NY, any physical services such as massage, energy healing, workshops and the boutique have been stopped. I sincerely send my gratitude to the friends, clients and customers that have been of support throughout this time! Thank you!
Remote services and online jewelry sales will still continue as always and I will most likely update and shift the website on the coming weeks to reflect the most recent information and offerings.