About Chrizza

My name is Chrizza Venturina. I'm an Energy Guide, Licensed Massage Therapist & Jewelry Artist. My offerings of Integrated Massage Therapy, Crystal Totem Jewelry, Breathwork Guidance Sessions & Discover Your Soul Signature are the combinations of tools that have assisted me in my life to create changes, experience relief, peace and more awareness throughout my journey.

They are the tools that I fall back on when I'm experiencing those tough moments in life and that has helped me brought shifts in multiple levels (physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually). It's what has assisted me on dissolving conditionings, widening my perspectives and propelling my 'innerstanding' with the deeper levels of energy.

As they have helped me firsthand, I want to offer that to others too. It gives me great joy that during those tough and dark moments that we might think there's no way out, that there actually is and it makes me so happy to be able to assist people on dissolving those energy cores that are keeping them stuck in certain situations and moments.

If you are ready for a change, for a shift and to dig deeper into energy, see which ones of my offerings resonate with you. Let's listen and connect to energy and create changes! As we are doing our Soul a disservice when we stay stagnated ;)



2015: Licensed Massage Therapist - Finger Lake School of Massage
2014: Certified Crystal Reiki Master Teacher -  Krista Mitchell 
2013: Certified Crystal Healer - Krista Mitchell
2013: Bachelors of Art in Psychology - University at Buffalo