The Journey of Staying True to my Heart, Sharing my Joy of Creating & Crystal Support

Hi! I'm Chrizza! Let me share you my story and how ChrizzaStones came to be.

Between 2012-2013, it was a time of uncertainty, confusion and heaviness for me. I was going through the motions of what was expected of me and at the same time, the path to take was still not clear. Deep down my Heart and Soul was not happy which reflected in bouts of depression, low self-worth, lack of self-love, insecurity and so on...

Then, around February 2013, I came across a rose quartz bracelet with little bits of quartz and amethyst. The first day that I wore it, I realized I felt lighter in my heart. That sparked my interest with the healing properties of crystals and to create elastic bracelets with them. Throughout that process and when looking up about crystals on the internet was no longer satisfying, I decided to take a Crystal Energy Healing workshop. That was the start of my journey with energy, crystals, spirituality and esoteric. In a way, that was the seed to delve into the realms of Energy.

Though, deeper than that, it was the choice and the beginning of being honest and true to myself, of truly listening to what my Heart feels expansive and joyful with, trusting my Heart and Soul and aligning my actions based on that. The process wasn’t easy but I kept moving forward because I couldn’t go back to being unhappy, to feel lost and have no spark of life within.

Throughout that time, crystals were my major support in regards with personal growth, shifting and balancing my energy. I would tune in to what type of energy would best benefit me and I would carry those crystals with me throughout the day. I had a lot of loose rough crystals since I was using them for energy healing and one day, I realized that I can wrap my crystals with a cord and make them into necklaces! It became so much easier to carry them instead of having them on pockets (and the dilemma of how when there’s no pockets xD). I also love that they can be wrapped with cords instead of metal and not have to drill holes on the stones.

Since then, my creative process grew into different variations such as making them Interchangeable and also having a more elegant design with the Mala Necklaces. All in all, they’re the creations that I have used personally and supported me in my daily life. This is my way to share that passion, the joy of creating, being able to support others with crystals and necklaces that makes it easier to carry them daily.

At the same time, since ChrizzaStones unfolded through my journey of staying true to myself and Heart, I hope that in additional to the energetic support of the crystals, that may my creations also spark your re-membering of being true to yourself as well (if you choose to tap into that resonance anyways ;)

Thank you for being a part of this journey and letting me share my joy and creations with you! I truly hope that they’ll bring a smile to you and assist you in your life!