Remote (Distance) Energy Balancing & Releasing

Feeling tired, stagnant, stuck?

When energy get stuck and it doesn't move through the body naturally,
they manifest into various symptomps such as feeling tired, heavy, drained,
blocked, unhappiness and even into physical illnesses and so much more.

When you want to feel a shift in your energy, feel free to browse through
the Energy Balancing & Releasing sessions below and see if they resonate with you.

A few information about Chrizza,
she is a Massage Therapist and learned Crystal Reiki from Krista Mitchell.
Though, please keep in mind, the sessions below does not entail any reiki healing.

Chrizza has learned certain visualization and breathe work techniques
and has applied this during her massage sessions to further assist the client
on relieving muscle tension by releasing stagnant energy underneath.
Since muscle tensions doesn't only relate to physical symptoms/imbalances
but also has a connection to emotional energy not being able to be
released from the body naturally, these techniques help to do so.
Now, Chrizza is applying this remotely via the astral plane.