Crystal Breathwork Healing (formerly as Crystal Reiki)

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Previously known as Crystal Reiki Healing, now adds on additional healing modalities such as breathwork & intuitive visualizations.

Do you want a non-invasive energy healing session?
This is ideal for clients who cannot receive massage due to health reasons or at times in which physical manipulation of the muscles can cause sensory overload or if you only want an energy balancing session in which you don't have to move. Clients will also remain clothed throughout the session.
This session is a combination of utilizing the healing properties of crystals and breathwork techniques. Chrizza will tune in to which crystals are best according to the your needs and will place this on your body, along chakra points, hands and feet. Throughout the session, Chrizza will use breathwork techniques through light touch or placing her palms on energy points to process certain energies so that you may experience release, balance and alignment.

Please read the Policies/Procedures before booking a session to make sure all is resonating with you.