Breathwork Massage Therapy (formerly Crystal Reiki Massage)

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Breathwork Massage Therapy (formerly known as Crystal Reiki Massage, revamped with additional energy healing techniques).

Do you want energy healing together with therapeutic massage?
Chrizza combines both Crystal Breathwork Healing and Integrated Massage techniques into one session. Not only is the energy healing being done during 'still-holds' (in which the hands are placed on certain parts/energy points in the body without movement), Chrizza is able to do energy healing while applying massage techniques.
Crystal layouts will be placed under the table and your hands throughout the session. Chrizza will tune in to specific energy/emotions that are being held in specific areas of the body. Additionally, breathwork techniques are utilized and applied so stuck energy/emotions are able to be processed and released from the body thus reaching a state of relaxation and balance.
*Please note that for a 60 min session, there is only sufficient time to target 1-2 body parts for the massage techniques i.e., (back and shoulders). If you are looking for a full-body massage in addition to energy healing, please book a 90 or 120 min session.

Please read the Policies/Procedures before booking a session to make sure all is resonating with you.