Mala Macrame Jewelry

Enjoy these One-of-A-Kind Beaded Macrame Necklaces with 108 Beads! 

Each Necklaces are made to align you with beneficial healing energies. 
The process of creating combinations are through listening to each beads
and crystals that wants to be made together.

A Mala consists of 108 Beads and a Guru Beads (which I used a Macrame Stone instead).
Traditionally, it is used during meditation and reciting affirmations as you go along each beads.

I wanted these Necklaces to be versatile so I created it with 108 Beads so people can use it as a Mala.
On another note, if you don't intend to use it as a traditional Mala, that is fine too as
just wearing these Beaded Necklaces will help shift your energy.


Each jewelry are made with attention and care. 
They’re not just an object for people to wear but an energetic creation 
that may support and inspire others throughout their journey. 
As creating has a special place in my heart, may that reach to you also.