'Sovereign' Crystal Set

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In support with the high activation energy coming in during the Lion's Gate portal around July 26 to August 12 and with the most potent time on 8/8/2020, I've created this 'Sovereign' Crystal Set! It is a time of Activation, Integration & Processing so that you are in alignment with your Heart & Soul.

This crystal set that will assist you in aligning with the energetics of Sovereignty - Being Free & Empowered in your Being, in your actions and choices that you truly want and that are in alignment with the highest vibration of your Soul, of being free from restrictions and limitations that may hinder that.

It contains a total of 10 stones:
Ruby, Bloodstone, Aragonite Star Cluster, Golden Healer Quartz, Sunstone, Emerald, Rhodonite, Aquamarine, Fluorite & Clear Calcite.

These will support you on empowerment, the embodiment of fullness and wholeness in your Heart, of truth & clarity, of courage that brings your Intuition, your Higher Mind, your Soul, your Heart and your Actions in true alignment. It dissolves fogginess, confusion, doubt and fear. It will truly move you to take courageous actions that are based in your heart's desires.

***If choosing with the Macrame Pouch Necklace option, the necklace will be custom made and fit to the exact stones you're getting. The pouch necklace is similar to a medicine bag and you're able to slide the knot up and down and take out the stones which makes it very versatile. The length is also adjustable

(there will be additional write-up and description of each stones included in the order) 

Each stone size vary from about 1 to 1.25 to 1.5 inch each (4 stones in total)
(please see photos for example of size but please keep in mind, the stones you will receive are not the exact particular stones in the photo)

Pouch Necklace size when the crystals are inside: (dimensions will vary depending on stone size as each are custom made to the set you will receive)
Length: ~2.5 in
Width: ~1.5 in
Thickness: ~1 in

Adjustable Length: will vary from 29-34 inches longest and 14-17 inches shortest
Pull the two knots away to shorten. Pull the string below the knots to lengthen. 

Thickness of String:
Hemp Cords - about 1.1mm thickness
Nylon Cord - about 0.8mm thickness and 1mm thickness (depending on color)

This will ship within 3-7 Business Days.

Shipping rate is based on total weight of the order:
Within USA - starts from $3.50 to $7.00 to $18.
If the shipping cost is $7 and up domestically, it will ship through USPS Priority Mail.

International Orders - price is according to USPS International rate of the total weight.

Please read the Shop Policy before placing an order.

I can assure you that each jewelry are handmade with care and are durable. 
In very few cases, if they do break, it's due to the rough edge of the stone rubbing against the cord.

To give you a piece of mind, I will repair any jewelry free of charge for the first time. Just email me at info@chrizzastones.com for more information.

Please keep it mind that this offer is for normal wear and tear. If it may seem that the jewelry was intentionally tampered with then I apologize but the offer does not stand.

You are welcome to message me at info@chrizzastones.com or head to my contact page.

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