A Crystal Reading Add-On

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This is a Crystal Reading add-on for those purchasing a Crystal or Jewelry

The "Connecting to a Crystal" Visualization Guide will still be included in your order and in which you can do in your own time.

Though, if you want Chrizza to connect to you and the crystal or jewelry that you bought and see how they interact with your energy and what kind of energy it will align you with, then this would be a great addition to your order.

Usually, an imagery pops up to describe the energy connection. There are times that a breathing visualization pops up to help you strengthen that connection in which you can do a meditation in your own time.

Chrizza will write up your Crystal Reading and she will send you the url link and a password so you're the only one who has access to this.

At the moment, all readings are based on bringing awareness about your current state and aspects to process in your life right now that will bring more healing to you. Please keep in mind, this isn't a Psychic Fortunetelling Reading that will tell you what specific decisions to make, what will happen in the future or about a person and anything along those lines.  


1 Crystal Reading add-on is for 1 Crystal or 1 Jewelry. 
For additional readings for other stones/jewelry, just add up the quantity to the number of items you want to be read.

Chrizza will try to time emailing the url for your Crystal Reading by the time, your order gets delivered to you.


I am in no way making predictions in your life or telling you what you should do. I simply listen to the crystal/necklace, combination of the stones/beads and your energy and observe what they have to say with each other. Each one of us has free will and it is up to you to take responsibility and act upon from the information you received.

Please read the Shop Policy before placing an order.

You are welcome to message me at info@chrizzastones.com or head to my contact page.