Crystal Meditation & Breathwork Circle

Are you looking to work with crystals but don't know where or how to start?
Are you looking to come to a space where you are able to connect within and receive healing?
In this circle, we'll be connecting to a specific crystal of your choice.
You'll be choosing a stone from the lot that calls to you and through a short visualization,
Chrizza will be guiding you on how to connect to that specific crystal.
Additionally, through a short breathwork meditation,
we'll do a deep dive on that specific aspect that the crystal will be supporting you with. 
This will assist on integrating that aspect within you in the energetic level.
Lastly, Chrizza will be offering breathwork healing for everyone to receive.

Also! You’ll be taking home the stone you connected with J

We'll be meeting every other Saturday starting on October 26, 1-2:30pm.
Energy exchange of a sliding scale from $30 to $50.

Please, register on the date you will be attending below