Recoding Breathwork Sessions (Package of 3)

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Recoding Breathwork Sessions
Package of 3 Sessions

Do you want to transform a particular situation/emotion and release the energy attachments/conditionings attributing to that?

These sessions will recode conditionings and programmings relating to challenging situations in your life. Through a structured format and guided breathwork technique, we'll navigate different current life experiences as well as past lives to recode and bring you back to alignment.

Through conversation and certain questions that will help pin-point the core energies at play. Chrizza will guide you through specific breathing techniques and questions targeting your subconscious so the energy at play can be transformed.

It's like transforming restrictions, pain and confusion to freedom, awareness and INNERstanding.

Are you ready to face the truth, breathe and release?


Each sessions are done through skype/zoom or in person.

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