Recoding Breathwork Guidance Session

Do certain circumstances trip you up? Do you feel stuck, confused and powerless?
Have you done other "healing modalities" but you feel like you're not going anywhere?
Let Chrizza assist you with Breathwork Guidance Sessions.
This is like a Coaching Session but instead of Chrizza telling you what to do,
she guides you through certain questions and breathwork technique to experience healing.
Throughout Chrizza's journey with being a massage therapist, making crystal jewelry
and her personal healing and development with meditation, it has honed her skill
of listening and tuning in beyond the obvious, superficial layer and
to the subconscious where certain programming and conditioning lies.
Through intuitive listening, she'll be able to tap in to the underlying energy that is currently running.
For instance, someone said, "I'll think about it," regarding buying something.
Is it really that? Or, is it because of a conditioning of "lack" and/or "not being good enough."
Or, let's say, someone said, "I just want everyone to get along!"
Is it really about getting along and being peaceful? Or, maybe
there is a programming of "asserting control" in a situation?
Most often, those programming and conditioning in our subconscious makes us
act or say certain things in an automatic route stems from childhood or even past lives.
By making those connections with honest acknowledgement, unattached perception
and through specific Breathwork techniques that Chrizza will guide you,
you will be able to experience a release, lightness and peace.
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