Crystals & Energy Alignment Package

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Enjoy this Alignment Package to support you during 2020!
This offering will be available throughout 2020!

Each Jewelry & Crystals are all Intuitively picked and will be a nice surprise when you receive them! Since they are intuitively picked, the crystals will differ from person to person. Each includes a Crystal Reading that is Intuitively Tuned In to your specific energy that describes how the crystal will be able to support you.

This package includes:
(1) Remote Energy Balancing & Releasing Session (75-90 Min) - experience balance by releasing any stagnant energy and bring your energy back to center and alignment.
(1) Interchangeable Stone Necklace with Crystal Reading - by wearing crystals with you in a daily basis, your energy are being infused and aligned with what the crystal is energetically supporting you.
Crystal Beaded Bracelet with Crystal Reading -  made with nylon cord and adjustable.

***Additional Information:
Each Necklaces can be made with Nylon or Hemp Cord with your choice of color upon availability. If you have any preference, please indicate in the notes or Chrizza will be contacting you prior to crafting them.

The Remote Energy Balancing & Releasing Session will be scheduled within 5-10 days upon purchasing. Then, Chrizza will start crafting the Necklace & Bracelet a few days afterwards.

Chrizza will need this information from you:
1. First Name
2. Email address (if different from the one during checkout)
3. Photo - This is optional since I can use your name to tune in to your energy but it does help to focus the energy better.
4. Please answer these questions:
(Before you start, find yourself in a quiet environment in which you are able to check in with yourself completely. Take a moment to take a few deep breaths, settling your breathing and your awareness back to your center. On your next breath out, imagine a bubble of soft green energy surrounding you. In this time and space, you are safe. You are free to be honest with yourself and write down what you are truly feeling inside.)
*This information will only be used to for the Crystal Consultation & Reading, no personal information will be disclosed to anyone.. Don’t worry if it takes long to answer or if you write too much ^_^
-What would you want to work on in your life right now?
-What energies would you want to Align yourself with?
-What energies are you ready to let go of?