Krista Mitchell's Pro Crystal Healer Course Listing

Since 2017, I've provided a boutique selection of crystals for those taking Krista Mitchell's Pro Crystal Healer Course. I know that I don't have a big magnitude of selection compared to other websites but know that each stones are cared for only by me. Of course, I strive to be able to offer more and different crystals mentioned in the course and I ask you to be patient with me in this journey. 
As a fellow student of Krista (I took her Crystal Reiki Training in NYC (First Level to Teacher Level)), it's been fun to have a role in the new student's journey by being able to provide crystals to them as I remember how I excited I was to learn from Krista and starting up my crystal collection. It's been a pleasure curating these select crystals

Upon receiving each crystals, I always rinse them with water. Let them dry as they're given a thorough cleanse with: White Copal, Frankincense, Ceremonial Tobacco and Sage. 
A fun fact which I haven't mentioned to the students that have previously bought from me but as I pick each stones they order, I have their name in my mind so each are intentionally picked for them. I see which specific stones pops up that wants to go to them. It's really fun doing it this way and letting the crystals speak.
On another note, if you've gone to the link for the crystal listing, you've probably noticed that you need a password to enter the page since that collection is exclusively only for those taking Krista's course. If you haven't received the password from Krista then feel free to email me instead as Krista is very busy at the moment.  Just provide me proof that you enrolled in her class and I will message you the password. Email me at

You can see that the crystal selection update for July 2018 is done. For those interested on a Crystal Macrame Jewelry, your 15% off coupon code on my Etsy Shop should be applicable for the Jewelry here, just type in the same code for that one. This one may take a while but if you have a specific jewelry in mind, just let me know and I will make that listing for you.
Lastly, if you have specific crystals you want, feel free to let me know and I will try my best to get them for the next update.

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