General Crystal Reading #3

 Take a moment to take a deep breath and scroll down for your message.

A: Pink Aventurine

Excitement and passion fills your heart. Keep heading towards to what you resonate with the most and has aspects of joy, playfulness and excitement. 

B: Fuchsite
There is softness emerging in your heart. It’s as if layers of guarding, harshness and restrictions are being peeled away. This process might feel scary at first but keep breathing through it and peeling each layer so that your pure being can shine through. 

C: Amazonite
There’s a feeling of expansion and peace and it’s like you’ve attained what you were working towards and there’s a big sigh of relief. Keep breathing through this expansive energy and expand even further and further and further. Then, check back and see what do you find in the center?



Let me know what you think and how it resonates with you ^_^ 
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