General Crystal Reading #2

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A: Tiger Iron
There may be fear popping up regarding an unsettling situation. You may be pushed to make a decision or maybe a decision has been made for you and it’s making you feel afraid or nervous. The image that popped up is someone holding on to a branch for dear life and not wanting to fall down. Yes, it is scary but, Tiger Iron is saying, “TRUST AND LET GO.” Just like in the video games, a bar came in to catch you. When you’re able to trust fully, you will be supported.

Try this visualization: Imagine you’re standing out in the mountains. Send your attention to your feet. Feel your feet become one with the stone beneath you. As you keep breathing, feel the energy from the stone go up from your feet towards your legs, up to your knees and so on until it reaches all over your body and to your head. Then, when you breath out, send your breath from your head and down all over your body to the ground. Keep doing so until it feels complete. This process will help you be centered and secure with yourself. Whatever comes your way, you got this!


B: Selenite
It’s time to take a BREATH and REST! Wherever you may be, take a moment to take a deep breath. Close your eyes and imagine stepping forward inside a big sphere of Selenite. Feel the white light energy surrounding you. As you breath in, feel this white light filling entire body. As you breath out, feel any heaviness, worries or stress in your body being released. Keep doing so until it feels complete and when you’re ready to go back to your day. Do you feel lighter? Isn’t it easier to go on your day?


C: Carnelian
There are times when we all experience feelings of dejection, numbness or even coldness. Feeling emotionally flat and even physically tired. Don’t worry. Close your eyes and imagine your back is against this Carnelian stone. As you breath in, feel the carnelian wrapped it’s energy around you as if hugging you. As you breath out, feel any heaviness or sharpness melt away. Keep breathing in and out and let the carnelian surround you and fill you up with WARMTH. Keep doing so until it feels complete. This process will help recharge your physical and emotional battery.



Let me know what you think and how it resonates with you ^_^ 
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