General Crystal Reading #1

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A: Lepidolite
Dissolving - If there are any aspects/issues/emotions that are in the forefront, it is best to find the time to process this and dissolve it. Place an image in that aspect or situation or simply describe it as a word. With each breath, see this image or word being broken down into little particles and letting them expand. As you keep breathing out, see these particles getting far from each other. Keep doing so until what once felt like a tangible thing is now dissolved into thin air.


B: Petrified Wood
Centering - The image that showed up was being inside the Petrified Wood and feeling like you are inside a bubble of an orangey, pinkish and reddish color. Breath this image into your energetic field. With each breath in, filling your body with this energy/color. With each breath out, letting it expand out into your aura and strengthening it. Keep doing so until it feels complete. This process will help you feel complete and whole. You will feel centered, grounded and firm within yourself.


C: Sunstone
Focus - You might be experiencing a lot of activity. It feels like there’s a preparation going on and in that preparation, a lot of things are happening. The image that showed up is like a bird’s eye view of a camp with different people running around, doing this and that. While other people are gathering and talking of the plan that needs to be followed. It may seem like a time for activity but it can feel chaotic too. In the midst of that chaos, find that little dot in the center. Breathe into that dot. Place all your focus into that dot. As you breath out, feel/see this dot getting bigger and continues to get even bigger with each breath. Keep doing so until it feels complete. Afterwards, assess if the “activity” beforehand is still needed or as important.


Let me know what you think and how it resonates with you ^_^


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