Crystal & Card Reading for the Collective

Reading for the Collective - 09.26.18

Clear Quartz:
Oneness. We are all connected. Each individual’s vibration reverberates and affects the whole. With that in mind, what can you do today that will raise the vibration of the collective?


Delphinus, 3 of Pentacles:
It’s perfectly okay and important to take some time for joy, playfulness & relaxation.


What would it be like to cultivate more gentleness with yourself? Even if it’s just 5% more than usual. With that in mind, what would it be like if you go forth your day and look at each object, people, circumstance, situation and even places with an eye of gentleness? How would that feel?


The message for today was short, sweet and powerful. I loved how the two cards supported the message from the Clear Quartz by representing vibrations and actions that each of us can do for ourselves and affect the whole collective.


  • aHktzUJThfjOSbCM


  • xUvHkoOaf


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