Card & Crystal Message for the Collective

Message for the Collective

There is a widespread of awakening going around. It’s working on the mind and subconscious and it’s bringing up feelings of expansion and lightness in those areas, similar to the feeling when you’re surrounded with water. This type of awakening is helping  people become more aware of things going on around them and having more insights. For some, it can simply mean a shift of awareness. There might be some things/aspect that are pulling on your attention more than usual. In normal instances, you would have just brushed it off but with this energy, you’re looking deeper into things, asking questions within and becoming more investigative.

With this new type of awareness, others may experience certain emotions bubbling up such as anger, resentment, surprise or shock. It’s like a light has been turned on and you’ve become aware that there are certain actions and beliefs that were in a way forced into your subconscious. In a way, manipulating you in acting a certain way or whispering you to focus more in certain aspects that may not seem as important now.

If you notice yourself getting caught up into those emotions, try your best to see it from the outside and see yourself as an observant. When we shift the perspective as an observant, it’s easier to take things less personally thus being triggered less. So instead, see this as a gift and a celebration that you have the capability of becoming more aware and being more in charge with yourself and your actions instead of having outside influences driving you.

It may help to ask questions like “What can I get out of this situation?”, “What is this situation saying”, “What is this helping or teaching me in the long run and in a larger perspective?”

Throat Chakra is bringing forth that there is a ripple effect in energy and highlights that everything is connected. Just like when you add salt in a body of water, even if it’s just a drop, all of the water will be affected. So from that, it is guiding people to focus on the lightness of things. If you choose even just 5% more of actions leading to expansion and lightness, cumulatively, this would affect the collective in a big way.

And from that, Dragonfly is saying, hold the highest vibration of your vision in mind. Focus more on that, apply what you can in the Now, and bring forth actions resonating to that and this will be projected to the outer reality. Just like the ripple effect, one thought closer to that vision is a step forward to the outer reality.

Seven of Pentacles is chiming, you reap what you sow. Again, if you choose more of the expansive, light energy and the highest vibration of your vision, this will be grounded in reality. This grounding energy is also harmonizing with the spiritual energy. If the spirit and the physical/material world were seen as separate before. There is a grounding of energy that will bring spiritual vibration into the physical world. This grounding is also bringing an energy of focus and seriousness. But instead of applying that in the small things, see if you can apply in it in a bigger perspective and in which will bring forth a wider and longer lasting effect.

The healing crystal, Prehnite, is guiding you to sink deeper into your heart. Past the layers of emotions but deep down in the very center of it. Just like in a fruit, the seed is in the center of it. There you’ll find peace and comfort and where your truth is.


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