09.01.2020 - Message for the Community

This is an invitation to get in touch with the ancient knowledge of the Earth, of the Water and of the Stars. The use of voice, sounds and frequencies can be a tool in opening up these gateways of knowledge. Similarly, crystals also contains memories and information.

You can use crystals and stones with record keepers (sunken or raised triangle formation on them) such as quartz and ruby. Since Whale is very connected to Lemuria, you can work with Lemurian Seed Crystal or Larimar. Or, you can simply work with any stones that calls to you as all of them have information encoded into them.

By getting in touch with these ancient knowledge, it may spark a re-membering, activation of DNA and clarity of intuitive insights. Through your experience, what have you learned? How can you infuse those learnings in your daily life that will build a stronger foundation for you? Has it dissolved any restrictions that you were experiencing? Lastly, how can you courageously share and freely BE in your expression?

Since the numbers 4 & 1 has been repeated in the cards and the numerology of the day is 14 which results to 5, it's about integration of stability, creating something new and expression of individuality that will create an overall balance and personal freedom.


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