What ChrizzaStones represent...

As I look back, I realized that ChrizzaStones - crystals and creating jewelry, is my anchor point. ChrizzaStones started in 2013 while I was working part-time jobs, waiting if I would have gotten to physical therapy school and seeing my other options if I did not. In some way, it was a time of my life when I felt lost and at the same time, also realizing if that was what I truly wanted. It was also the time when I started getting in tune with my heart and away from what seems logical or what others had expected me to do.

As other interests caught my eye like becoming a massage therapist and working in different places then moving to Sedona and then moving back to New York, creating jewelry and crystals was in the background throughout but at the same time wasn't my sole focus.

Looking back and even if I do enjoy being a massage therapist and being in the movement - the dance of applying techniques, listening and being in the flow of energy, being able to access energy in both physical and spiritual realm and the dance of it all. At times, the experience of being in a workplace of a spa, the split in commission, the balance of being in service and being able to take care of my own body and all of that, there were many moments that I would find myself making the shift to dive even deeper into ChrizzaStones.

I realized that during many shifts in my life where I had to choose myself over others or, my Heart over the Mind were the moments that I will get back into the root of ChrizzaStones and spend more of my energy there.

Officially and looking at it in a physical perspective, ChrizzaStones is a business where I sell crystals, jewelry and energy work. But, it is truly more than that. ChrizzaStones is like an old friend that's always there no matter where life has taken me. No matter what other experiences I’ve had and regardless if at times I don’t pay much attention or similarly, when I haven’t seen or talked to a friend in a while but, they’re still there ready to welcome and support me. That’s what crystals and creating are for me.

Looking at it in an energetic perspective,
ChrizzaStones is infused with the energy of honesty, 
the promise to stay true to myself and what makes my heart full and be in joy,
that no matter what happens,
what the external world and outside influence may shake up or provide limitations,
the integrity, the dedication to stay true to my heart has always been there. 

Through all of that, I realized that when someone purchases a crystal or a necklace from me, they're not only purchasing the actual physical things but also the energetic relationship I have with crystals and my business. The energy of honesty, heart, freedom and the dedication to be sovereign. It may be subtle but those energetics are present in each crystals and creation that came from me and are able to be present in your life as well, if you choose to tap into ;)

Through that, thank you for being a part of this journey and letting me share my energy and creations with you!

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