Change: Action vs. Being With Yourself

When things around us change, maybe, due to a move, or a career change, or losing someone, or just about anything that changes the environment around us and we experience being unrooted, sometimes we tend to want to make sense of it all right away.

We want to know what’s going to happen. We want to take control of what to do. Thoughts like, “Should I do this? or should I do that? or how about that? Oh yeah… that too…” rans around in our mind. We want to already be in the other side. You know, the side where we know what’s going on. The side where we feel stable and secure.

Sometimes things like these brings up feelings of anxiety, feeling unstable, not knowing what to do, and even debilitating moments where we freeze up. Then the next moment, you’re all jumbled up of things that you can do or make happen and it’s just all filled with “these, that and those.”

It can be a frustrating moment.

Sure, at times, it pushes us to take action. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong about that but maybe, it’s also the best time to just NOT do anything.

You know, maybe it’s like the brainstorming phase before launching an event or the cocooning phase before becoming a full out butterfly.

Maybe it’s the best time to just BE WITH yourself.
Taking note and just really being honest with yourself and what you want.

Taking the time to be more aware of
and what,
you are feeling,
or, thinking,
or, anything,
and, everything,
that’s going on with your body,
in all levels…
and breathing through that,
and letting them be acknowledged.

It might be an uncomfortable moment but in some way, when we find comfort in that, it can truly be a nurturing moment with your own self.

Then maybe, after that, taking actions will just fall into place.

This popped in my mind last night. And yeah, it’s something I’m experiencing and maybe others can relate too…

Earlier that day, I felt really off. Like something feels wrong and I need to be doing something but then I don’t know what. I felt all confused and frustrated. Then, I was lying down while holding crystals and what I wrote up there popped into my mind.

And those crystals were: Rose Quartz, Hematite, Red Jasper, Amethyst & Honey Calcite (yeah, that’s a lot to hold but I was wearing some of them and some were just on my body…) Anyways, I felt pulled to share this and maybe it can help others too.

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