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New! Eco-Friendly Packaging!

   A few weeks ago, I was working through the structures of intention and personal values. When the intention is clear, energy flows more with ease and the direction is most likely going to be clear too. Another layer behind that is being clear on my personal values. Does my personal values align with my intention? Then, are the things I'm doing in alignment with that? I was mostly applying this in other aspects of my life but in some way, that energy also trickled down to a shift in packaging. It's truly an example of the relationship of the macrocosm...

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What ChrizzaStones represent...

As I look back, I realized that ChrizzaStones - crystals and creating jewelry, is my anchor point. ChrizzaStones started in 2013 while I was working part-time jobs, waiting if I would have gotten to physical therapy school and seeing my other options if I did not. In some way, it was a time of my life when I felt lost and at the same time, also realizing if that was what I truly wanted. It was also the time when I started getting in tune with my heart and away from what seems logical or what others had expected me...

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Change: Action vs. Being With Yourself

When things around us change and we experience being unrooted, sometimes we tend to want to make sense of it all right away. But, sometimes maybe it's best to just be still and be with yourself. These healing crystals helped me find that conclusion: Rose Quartz, Hematite, Red Jasper, Amethyst & Honey Calcite.

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