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Why is it called "Being Isha"? Unless you know me in my personal life, you'll probably be confused with the name ;) My birth name Chrizza is actually pronounced as "Kri-sha". When I moved to America and for simplicity's sake, I started introducing my name as Chrizza that sounds like "Kri-za" since that's what the spelling sounds closer to. I didn't want to deal with the hassle of explaining and correcting because it can be confusing why does it sound like "sh" if it's with zz  >_<'
Looking back, I feel that I unconsciously chose the pronounciation as "Kri-za" because it sounded more sturdy or in a way had a solid/masculine energy than "Kri-sha". At that time in my life, moving to US and adjusting to it all, I needed more of a harder/sturdy sounder name. However, what I felt happened is, it became more of the surface persona of myself. Most people that calls me "Kri-za" have met me in school or work and I feel that in some way, they only know me to the level of that environment. I realized that now being called "Kri-za," I feel that I'm accepting to have a wall around me and separating me from all sides and aspects of me.
To shorten "Kri-sha," my family calls me Isha. Before, I would think it's only my family and close people to me that calls me that because it's my nickname. But now, I'm realizing "Isha" is the name that I'm called when I'm being all aspects of me. When I'm in my house and relaxed, it feels like the real me. At the same time, people who have called me "Isha" has seen all different sides of me. From childhood, teenager to an adult. And, even if most of my family don't truly comprehend my energetic/spiritual side, they have seen me grown and changed to who I am now. "Isha" is what I call myself too. For me, "Isha" is all of me and the truest me.
In this case, since this blog is more of my personal posts, I'll be signing with "Isha". Here is a post for my intention of this portion of my blog.
Also, the other section of my blog: ChrizzaStones - Crystals & Creating is geared towards my posts about crystals, what I'm creating and the process of it all (in a way it's more of the "business" aspects of things).
Thank you for reading.

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