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Recoding Sessions

Breathwork Through Time

Crystals are like keys that opens the door for you to experience specific vibrations and shifts your body and energy to align and embody those vibration more easily (i.e. grounding, insight, creativity, compassion and so on...)
Inspired Crystal Sets
Interchangeable Stone Necklaces
"Each jewelry are made with attention and care. 
They’re not just an object for people to wear but an energetic creation 
that may support and inspire others throughout their journey. 
As creating has a special place in my heart, may that reach to you also." -Chrizza
Recoding Breathwork Sessions are like the ghostbusters of ingrained and instilled patterns and assists you on breaking free from the chains of conditionings and limiting beliefs. This is may be a challenging but fruitful and empowering work that transmutes heavy and painful energies to light and expansiveness.
Recoding Breathwork Guidance Session
Discover Your Soul Signature
Reflections with Chrizza

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