Chrizza Venturina - Jewelry Artist, Licensed Massage Therapist & Energy Guide

Whether it be through crystals, massage or energy healing, they are what I enjoy offering which promotes awareness within yourself and your body. They can offer healing, balancing, relief and hope when any of your physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual aspects are needing support.

Massage & Energy Healing Services in Mt. Kisco, New York

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"Each jewelry are made with attention and care. They’re not just an object for people to wear but an energetic creation that may support and inspire others throughout their journey. As creating has a special place in my heart, may that reach you also."

ChrizzaStones' Mission

Crystals and Creating have been part of my journey in staying true to myself. They have brought me joy, passion, hope and strength in times of challenges. As they have helped me, it is my hope that may they assist you in your life too!

It can be as simple as making it easier to carry your stones with you, make you smile when you wear them, support you energetically, or, maybe when life feels challenging, it will give you strength and remind you that you are not alone.

At the same time, may it also hold the vibrational possibility to spark your connection within and assist you in being there for yourself.
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